"Use failure as motivation to improve not to quit."
-Steve House


Note: Info below are actuals we did not finish the entire loop due to snow

Date: September 22, 2017
Distance: 28miles
Elevation Gain: 5,000
Direction: Counter clockwise
Highest Elevation: 11,440
Lowest Elevation: 7,685
Hiking Time: 11h56m
Avg. Speed: 2.33mph
Sunrise: 7:10 AM  
Sunset: 7:19 PM  
Hours of Sunlight: 12
Average High Temp: 68 Degrees 
Average Low Temp: 30 

Sufferfesters: Rick, Ben, Pat B., Pat G., Tim, Ted, Bryce, Angelo, Rick S., Jon, Clay, Patrick L., Chip, Chad, Josh, Eric, Tom, Nate, Bill, Steve

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