He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit.


Date: September 20, 2019
Distance: ~42 miles in a day
Elevation Gain: ~ 10,000’
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Highest Elevation: 7,313’
Lowest Elevation: 3,274’
Hiking Time: 12 - 18 hours.
Average Speed: 3+ mph
Sunrise: 6:53 AM
Sunset: 7:12 PM
Hours of Sunlight: 12 hrs, 10 min
Average High Temp: 75 degrees
Average Low Temp: 52 degrees

Sufferfesters: Rick Corcoran, Ben Stefanski, Pat Brown, Pat Gilbert, Angelo Otterbein, Josh Renzi, Chip Smith, Steve Summers, Tim Flood, Todd Pizzi, Steve Wages, Ben Stewart, Drew Story, Andy Beall, Bill Dinklage, Patrick Flood, Chad Kelly, James Merrick, Ted Mullen, Jon Ziglar, Bryce Dakin, Clay McDaniel, Ted Murphy, Max Eisl, Jay Cech, Nate Crawford, Brian Landau, Mike Abraham

Day 1: ~42 mile hike with 10K of climb around Mt. Hood on the Timberland Trail
Day 2: Whitewater rafting on the White Salmon River

Photo Gallery

Hike was counterclockwise from the Timberland Lodge

Hike was counterclockwise from the Timberland Lodge