“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”
– Ted Turner

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Date: May 17, 2019
Distance: 43 miles (including some off trail mistakes)
Elevation Gain: 7,000’ (less than expected)
Direction: North to South
Highest Elevation: 7,094 (Cathedral Butte)
Lowest Elevation: 5,061
Est. Hiking Time: 13 - 17hrs
Actual Hiking Time: 14.5 hrs — 7 AM start, 9:30 PM finish.
Est. Avg. Speed: 3mph
Sunrise: 6:05 AM
Sunset: 8:27 PM
Hours of Sunlight: 14
Average High Temp: 78 degrees
Average Low Temp: 48 degrees

Sufferfesters:  Rick C, Pat G, Ted M, Steve S, Craig S, Ben S, Will G, Bryce D, Bill D, Pat F, Chad K, Chris G, Drew S, Pat L, Eric M, Josh J. (Newbies in italics.)

Day 1: 44 mile hike through Canyonlands
Day 2: SUP & Kayak trip down the Colorado for two hours

Photo Gallery

Elevation profile for the hike

Elevation profile for the hike